Who is the best NBA team right now 

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The Grizzlies are playing great right now so I would have to say them.

Grizzles and also the knicks Are doing pretty well 

Yes they are! They are playing very well at the right time!

It would pretty nice if they could get to the finals this years but it's proball goin be the heat and grizzlies 
The Celtics are peaking just at the right time, their gunna make a solid playoff run if they keep this up
I forgot about the Celtics. People have been counting them out since the beginning of the season because of their age. They are showing everybody that they still have some gas in the tank and don't count them out just yet. They will be a dangerous team come playoff time.
You're right about that and they might have alittle advantage with being so young. But they probally will start lighting it up when it comes to game time and all the other NBA teams will try to start trying there best as it gets closer to the playoff and finals 

Miami Heat

Miami is really good to the got alot of allstar players on there team 
My home town Grizz!! Shock the world!! Lol Boston is scary too!!
Do you think the Spurs will win it all?

The LA Clippers and the Knicks are the best teams right now


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