Who going to win the championship 

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The Miami Heat will win it all this year. It's time for Lebron to finally get his ring!

I think it will be the Memphis grizzlies 

I like Memphis a lot! That is my hometown and it would be nice to see them win the title but I don't think it's going to happen.

Never know what will happen when it comes to wanting to win  

 Man I agree with you ,,, Grizzlies !!!!!!

Heck ya!!!!!! 

Grizzlies are looking pretty good this year! I don't know if they are going to beat Oklahoma. KD and Westbrook have been putting up 80+ points between the two. You never though.

Yea they have been lighting it up all year. They are a great tandem that nobody wants to see in the playoffs. I would love to see the re-match series with OKC vs. Grizzlies.

True. It would be nice to see a re-match. KD is my favorite ball player and he is the truth on and off the court. Memphis better bring it if they want to win the West because OKC isn't giving up that easy. Especially with Westbrook trying to battle it out with his own teammate for Mvp. They are going to keep high points on the board.

It was tough night for OKC last night. They couldn't hit anything! I think they will bounce back and make strong playoff push to get to the NBA Finals.

Yes! It was quite sickening to see them lose like that last night. You are right they weren't making anything last night! There was no way they should have lost like that to the Clippers. They'll bounce back!

I say Miami, but I would love to see the grizz!! Memphis baby!!


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