Do you think he is for real? Can the Broncos offense stack up against a veteran defense such as the Bears?

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I still don't think he's the quarterback of the future for Denver, but he's a winner. It's something special about him. He's going to give you everything he has when he steps on the field and is a born leader. I expect him to keep winning this season and I'll be rooting for him.

Tim Tebow is a true definition of a leader. Not only is he a leader he is a man of God. Leadership skills is not something that can always be taught to someone, it has to be from within. A lot of these quarterbacks out here just don't have it and it shows on the field. He has his own unique style which makes him stand out from others. People are so accustomed to seeing things a certain way and when someone does it different they are looked as the odd ball. But sometimes that odd ball is the one that outshines all the others. Yes, he has a different throwing style and he may not have been the best in college to some but I agree Taylor he is definitely a winner. The bottom line is when the game is on the line he is going to get it done. I think he's started 7 games this year and he's won 6. He improves every week. As he improves the offense improves. They will give a team like the bears a good fight.


He's a winner!! Lol

He's a winner but he still isnt a good QB.

Thats just like saying u beat me but u still not good!!

Lol! You play to win the game! It doesn't matter how you do it as long as you win! I'm on the Tebow bandwagon! 

Why really makes you a good QB? It's not just about getting a crazy amount of yards, it's about making GOOD decisions with the football! Name another QB that can complete  TWO passes in a game and come out with a win?!!!
I like that cam!! A QB wit a defense that has a great game!!

Lol! Too Funny but True!

Tebow shut all his haters up today! It's Tebow Time!

OhhhhWeeeOhhhh TEEEEBOW! OhhhhWeeeOhhhh TEEEEBOW! That was an amazing game last night!


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