Here's who I would have in my lineup: 


C      Dwight Howard

PF    Blake Griffin

SF    Kevin Durant

SG    Monta Ellis

PG    Russel Westbrook 



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PG  Deron Williams

SG  Monta Ellis

SF  Carmelo Anthony

PF  Blake Griffin

C    Andrew Bynum

Bynum??!!!! Comeon DT! lol
yesss BYNUM nobody can stop him down low

C. Dwight Howard

PF. Amar'e Stoudemire

SF. Kevin Durant

SG. Kobe Bryant

PG. Rajon Rondo

Backups. Zach Randolph, Ray Allen, Derrick Rose, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Rudy Gay

My starting lineup would be:

C  Dwight Howard; PF Dirk Nowitski; SF Rudy Gay; SG Ray Allen; PG Rajon Rondo


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