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So, the doc said there's nothing wrong with the Structure oft knee...he doesn't see any true, he wants me to see how it feels for these two weeks. Than, if I still how pain than I'll have an MRI...

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know that i have already signed to play college football. put me at easy when i toke the test. saying that doesn't mean i just went in there and BS on the test. i have no time left. its really like, two weeks is prom, than a week later no more classes, then four days later i'll be waking across the stage...the next day...i got to get ready for college life and playing college ball. they call me shark for many reason. fact about sharks, if they stop swimming they die and they can look…


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Northern Iowa WR Sinkfield

Northern Iowa WR Sinkfield reportedly runs 4.19 40

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How Far Will I Take It

When i was young i gave up the little things, because i realize that the little things old not get me to the place i wanted to be. So, at the age of 8 i begun to put hours and hours into my craft. Than at tye age 11 i developed skill. I said told myself that this was a great feel but the promlem was that i knew i could do so much more, i knew i could be better than what i am now. My skill is not what got me to this point. What go me to this point is my work effort. I breath success, i eat… Continue

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More Than An Athlete

you can be the best athlete on the field and do the most amazing things, but being more than just that athlete is makes you who you are in life. Giving back, giving up your time to help others what do you do that makes you a person and not just someone that can just only score points. 

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