When i was young i gave up the little things, because i realize that the little things old not get me to the place i wanted to be. So, at the age of 8 i begun to put hours and hours into my craft. Than at tye age 11 i developed skill. I said told myself that this was a great feel but the promlem was that i knew i could do so much more, i knew i could be better than what i am now. My skill is not what got me to this point. What go me to this point is my work effort. I breath success, i eat success, i sleep success; yea i have achived a lot of things but i am no where i want to be. I am not as successful as i could be. At the age 14 i was shot in Chicago, Ill. I layed in my bed and dreamed, i dreamed of all these things i did all my life than i dreamed of the future. Two weeks later yu didnt find mee in bed, you didnt find me playing the game, you didnt find me on myspace. I had to craft new skill cus my old skill was dead. When i was shot i wasnt successful any more. So, i put in more hours into each day. Life never gave me a brake there was always something new. I knew and i still know i will be successful one day, because i comitted my very being to it. There has been and will be times when i fail, but these is what will make me successful.

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